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tops women should buy.

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If you are a fashion lover who do not want to miss a single chance to look good, then you should level up the top game. Some people think that buying tops is unnecessary. Do not be a fool, a top is very different from the regular t-shit and it gives you a formal look. The best part about buying a top is to maintain a wardrobe that is equally good for the formal and informal events. Like you can wear tops for the office, but also for the parties they are all-rounder dresses.

The colorful floral design.
A floral design top is the bets to wear in summers when the spring has just passed, and it gives off a colorfully cool vibe. You can have the floral design with the green or blue base and pink flowers on it. such tops are going to give you a bright color and a look for the personality, wearing the floral tops for the daytime event will be the best thing to do.

The abstract top.
Now the abstract art is the one which is fine both for the daytime and the nighttime events. They are equally good for formal and informal sessions too. Wear a jean with an abstract style top and you are good to go do not forget to ad the boho style jewelry too.

The shimmery top.
This is an exclusively formal top; you will love to wear it in the nighttime parties. You can spruce up your look by wearing shorts or skinny jeans with it, and some heavy statement jewelries as well.

The solid tops.
These are bit calm and sound type of top style. It is for the office days, when you are out for the work but do not want to look mundane.

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